Facts About Inositol Nutrient

Inositol belongs to B complex group of vitamins and is closely linked with choline. Inositol is commonly found in lecithin in low amounts unlike choline which is found in large quantities. In lecithin, it is used as an emulsifier in emulsification of fats and it is important to note that the body can produce its own inositol. Such kind of a nutrient is usually referred to as non essential as they do not need to be supplied from the diet in order to meet the recommended daily allowances (RDA). The body has abundant amounts of this vitamin thus making it the second highest vitamin stored in the body in the B group of vitamins. Also available in a powder form, of which the main benefit is the ability to convert other substances within the body into usable energy.

Sources of inositol

It is available in both plants and animals in form of phospholipids in animals and in plants it is available as phytic acid. The form in which it is available in plants is capable of binding calcium and iron thus making them unavailable to the body. In the body inositol is produced by intestinal bacteria and it is worth to remember that taking lots of coffee depletes the stores of inositol in the body. In plants, it is readily available in citrus fruits, unprocessed grains, cantaloupe, wheat, peanuts, cabbage, and lima beans and in some nuts. Lecithin is one of the best sources of this nutrient.

Functions of inositol

Cell structure, inositol plays an important role in the structure and integrity of the cells. The structure of the cell is important as it helps the cell in performing its functions as required. Also maintaining the integrity of the cells is important in ensuring that they perform effectively and optimally thus supporting normal body functions. Other functions that are played by inositol nutrient include helping the cells of the bone marrow, intestines and eye tissues to function properly. Lastly inositol is important in hair growth.


Atherosclerosis: Inositol is useful in fighting and preventing atherosclerosis in the body and at the same time lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This will help prevent or reduce cardiovascular diseases which have caused a lot of deaths in the world.

Wight loss: for those whose body mass index is above twenty five, use of inositol nutrient will be of great use as it will help in reducing their weight. This is best if use of this nutrient is combined with other physical training activities such as jogging, swimming, walking and aerobics among others.

Inositol promotes health hair and the integrity of the skin.


They are uncommon as inositol nutrient is produced in the body and is readily available in plants.